About Interasco Group

Interasco Group was established for the purpose of trading and marketing of wood products from Finland, Sweden, Romania, and to several markets in North Africa and Europe.

Today Interasco maintain a strong presence in the major supplying markets, as well as in the major purchasing markets either by direct presence in forms of own offices or by appointing sales representatives.


The Interasco Group position in the timber industry

The group is enjoying a dominant position in the timber industry in North Africa and Asia, our core business is focused on marketing of Timber products of various types as beechwood , whitewood and sheet material.

Interasco Timber Romania has developed rapidly due to its management policy, its dynamics, as well as our product quality acquirement.

Through its professionalism, performance and quality Interasco Timber has shortly secured a leadership position on international markets, earning good reputation particulary in the Middle East and Asia, continuing to expand its operations and constantly looking for new opportunities.